Brass Resources

Name Historic Brass Society
Location International, headquarters in NYC

The Historic Brass Society is an international music organization of amateur and professional brass musicians and scholars.  Members do research, perform and teach about music and instruments such as natural trumpet, natural horn, cornetto, sackbut, dulcien and other early instruments.   Musical interests extend from antiquity to the present.

Name Vintage Brass Festival
Location Northfield, MN

The Vintage Brass Festival convenes an annual international meeting of bands from the US and abroad, and hosts 4 days of musical performances in Northfield, MN.  Bands celebrate music of bygone eras, including authentic uniforms, costumes and instruments.  The free-of-charge events take place in pubs, parks, squares, churches and meeting places throughout the historic town.  The Union and Confederate bands stage a “battle of the bands” as a highlight of the festival.