US/International Groups

Name Canadian Brass
Location Waukesha, WI
Comment Perhaps the best known brass ensemble in the world.


Name The Ceremonial Brass of the USAF Band
Location Washington, DC
Comment This elite group is responsible for over 1,000 ceremonial performances each year, which includes large ensembles and buglers to perform in most outdoor ceremonial venues and The Ceremonial Brass Quintet for smaller indoor settings.


Name US Army Band (Pershing’s Own) Brass Quintet
Location Fort Myer, VA
Comment Listen to or download various tunes, from blues to patriotic, from this world-famous performance group.


Name US Navy Band
Location Washington Navy Yard, DC
Comment They have a brass quartet, quintet, and tuba/euphonium quartet among their many ensembles.


Name Trailblazers 10-piece Brass
Location Japan
Comment Ten-part brass with percussion; has an excellent arrangement of Song for Japan that they arranged.